Google Translatosphere

Technology is now part and parcel of translation. There has been a great deal of information and press reports of a new service Google intends to offer to translators in the near future in the guise of Google Translation Center which according to some is set to become the world’s largest translation memory. According to information coming out of Google and related sites, the Translation Center will allow you to upload a document and request translations in over forty languages as well as the possibility of creating, editing documents created using Google’s online translation tools.

Many translators and translation may shudder to think that Google is encroaching onto their territory but this can only be good news for the world of translation. More tools does not necessarily mean better quality but the hope is that greater access to translation memories and other tools may be a bootstrap operation for the translation community and assist in its development. Easier access to such tools may be a catalyst to create better tools and in this sense the Google Translation Center can only be a good thing. For more information try these two links: Gigaom and Blogoscoped.


4 thoughts on “Google Translatosphere

  1. I think that Google can help us in translation very much. Translators can find there much information concerning many fields. What is more, translators have a chance to see pictures if they want to assure themselves about some subjects. However, I don’t think that creating google translator is a good idea. There already exist many different translation programmes, they are very expensive, but in fact they are not as good as human’s job. Such programmes are capable of translating single words, at least phrases. But if you write a sentence an online translator is confused and writes some stupid things. It would be very useful in the world of translation to create such programme but it would be a real challenge.

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