Dialectal Differances II

It seems that the “slipper” issue is more complicated and twisted than might be presumed (see previous post). The following words for “slipper” were previously mentioned:


But aside from these and similar diminutives, such as kapciuszki, paputki, łapciuszki, etc. we also have:


Such a small and insignificant piece of footwear but such a variety of synonyms.


9 thoughts on “Dialectal Differances II

  1. książęta – just another word for kapcie. I know someone who names her kapcie in that way( a token of a real affection, I must say), and when she can’t find them, she calls : “Książęta, where are you, come to your princess!”.

  2. In this original way she expresses her affection for her ‘kapcie’. I think that she is a pioneer of personalizing items of clothing…

  3. and what about ‘ciapy’? i think that different names depend on the region of the country, but all of them are very sweet 🙂 and there are many others examples of this kind, for example: i called pasta ‘kluski’ and my friend from other region called it ‘kluska’ :/

  4. Well, If we talk about personalizing things.. I call my laptop “Kazio”, my mobile phone “Fruzia” and my mp3 player “Dyzio”… 😛

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