Our Mission

The world is full of languages. Estimates vary but we can say that there are approximately 6,800 known human languages with probably a great deal more, not to mention the hundreds of different dialects in the world whose statuses hover between that of dialect and fully-fledged language (the ditinction is often very blurred). This is the status quo. We all live together on this planet. The elements that we all have in common greatly outweigh those elements that differentiate us.

When we discuss languages one of the first things that linguists do is to categorise language – place it into tidy, describable boxes. We talk about grammar, phonology, lexis etc. Furthermore, we try to find similarities (not distinctions) between particular languages. We have formulated theories regarding the genealogy and creation of languages. We draw language families in which similarities and blood ties are highlighted. The idea is that we look for what we share rather than what distinguishes us.

Where do translators fit in? In a world full of different languages, the role of the translator is to be the communicative linchpin, the go-between. Our mission is to bring understanding to a world full of misunderstanding. Our task is to bring order to the confusion. This might sound high and mighty but the role of the translator is of vital importance. Without translators the world would come to a standstill. In a very real sense, our mission is to bring peace to the world by helping people communicate with one another and understand each others ideas, dream, emotions and desires.

A very honourable mission indeed.


15 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. This blog emphasizes the importance of a role of translator nowadays.Without translator’s work we would not be able to understand great part of literature, films,news and even such trivial things as manuals.We would not have such extensive knowledge about other cultures, their customs.Translator’s task is to enable communication among people, help people to understand each other, people’s ideas, dreams and desires.Therefore translator should be trustworthy and reliable person.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with what Kasia wrote. Without translators the world, or rather our insight into the world would be very different. Starting with such trivial area as entertainment to matters as crucial as culture, politics, history and so on. Translations enable people to gain knowledge, to form opinions, to be aware of many facts hence the translator has to know how important and meaningful his task is.

  3. As there is a lot of misunderstanding in the world the translator has a very responsible job. Not only he has to know the culture of a given country but also the customs in order to be successful in his translation. Without translators, the worlds would be full of chaos as nobody could understand what the other person is saying. Translation is a very complicated process and every translator should do his best in order to improve his knowledge about the specific country and its language.

  4. Translating = responsability. Each translator should remember that and realise that the smallest mistake can spoil the world order 😉 I mean in such fields as politics or history. This mistake can be a triger that starts the machine of unwanted events. That is why a hudge knowledge and proffesionalism ought to be the main traits of each translator.

  5. The reason I wanted to become translator is that I have this feeling of “MISSION” and awareness that I not only translate ‘some’ word but render culture and emotions that are packed in this one small word. Translators do need to have awareness of the importance of their job: that they are doing sth very important for people who don’t have their knowledge. Responssibility first!

  6. I would even say that it is far too arrogant to say that translating is correcting somebody’s mistakes.It happens of course, but it’s not a rule. To be a translator means to be modest and humble, as well as to be aware of one’s own faults.

  7. One more thing: our mission is to do our job as well as it is possible. If I ever feel that I’m a bungler I will give up and become a hairdresser, which I think is a great challenge too.

  8. I fully agree with a sentence ‘Our mission is to bring understanding to a world full of misunderstanding’. There are many languages in the world. People have to communicate somehow and that is why they need translators. Thanks to them they can understand foreigners, their culture, country etc.
    It is really strange that there live so many different people in the same planet, using different languages and with different culture, traditions and habits. Nowadays, foreigners are getting communicate more and more. People want to learn foreign languages as they work with people from abroad or they leave their countries and move abroad or they are just interested in new countries. It is really good that we are not close in our countries.
    Thanks to translators we can know foreigners and their countries better as there are a lot of books’ translations, movies’ etc.

  9. Translators are important cogs in the scheme of things, although we are still very little cogs in the grand scheme of things. As with the whole mechanics of the world, we need oiling from time to time and we need to be cleaned every once in a while…

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