Regionali [s/z] ation

It’s something that’s always been a bother. What does you do with a particular form if you want to write to and for a particular audience. The problem doesn’t concern the banal US-UK battle of what to do with your s or z or whether to end the word with ‘tre’ or ‘ter’ in words like “metre” or “centre”. No, there are far more complicated issues involved here. What do you do if you’re writing for a semi-educated audience. What do you do if you are part of the ‘prol’ yourself? Does the translator tone things down? Do you keep a stable style throughout? These issue become more complicated when the translator begins to realise that he or she is just as important a component as the audience he or she is writing for. What happens if your political alleigances lie elsewhere? Ethics? What ethics?! You only live once!


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